Aadhar Card Status : Easy Way To Know Your Aadhar Status Online

Aadhar (UID) number is a twelve digit unique number assigned to Indian citizens based on their biometric & demographic information. Aadhar is the largest biometric Identification system in the world, with over 1.17 billion members as of August 15, 2017. Over 99% of Indians Above 18 is already in Aadhaar database.

Union Minister of Information & technology (state) P.P. Chaudhary told Rajya Sabha that the Aadhar authority UIDAI had deactivated about Eight million Aadhar cards. The minister put out grounds for deactivation quoting divisions of the Aadhaar Act, 2016.

  • As per section 27 and 28 of Aadhar act, Aadhar can be canceled or deactivated if more than one issued to the same person or if there are any mistakes in supporting documents and biometric data.
  • If a child smaller than five years of age enroll for Aadhaar, his biometric data should be updated after five years.
  • It needs to update again after fifteen years old.
  • There is a period of five years for such update. Failing to this will lead to deactivation.

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The Aadhar has been made compulsory for several essential services. The deactivation has become an element of attention for many. Anyway, you can check your Aadhar Card Status online in some simple steps:

Easy Steps to Know Your Aadhar Card Status:

Step 1:

Got to Aadhaar card website. Then go to “verify Aadhaar Status” tab shown by the red arrow in the image. It will take you to the outside page.

Aadhar Card Status

Step 2:

Enter your Aadhar number and fill the captcha or “enter security” code the n image.

Aadhar Card Status

Step 3:

Then if Green tick mark appears, congratulations!! your Aadhar Card Status is “Active and running”.

Aadhar Card Status

What if My Aadhar is Not There?

You need not worry. Go to your nearest UIDAI center with all your supporting documents. You can not send your supporting documents through post or mail since you need to update your biometrics (eye scan and fingerprints) at the center.

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