Simple Way To Add Or Delete Digital Signature to MS Office File

To verify the identity of the owner of a document, we know the use of handwriting signatures. Though with the arrival of new technologies, the place of simple handwriting signature is being replaced by digital signature to MS Office File. It may be document, file, photographs, in digital form etc. Nowadays almost all documents, excel sheets or presentations make use of the Microsoft office. We may need to sign these files for authentication.

There are two means to enable & disable Digital Signature to MS Office documents.

  • visible signature lines to MS Office documents;
  • Invisible Digital Signature to MS Office.

Let us see how to add digital signatures to MS Office file.

First of all, When devising a digital signature, it is essential to have a certificate signature. since when someone digitally signs a document, its certificate & a key is also required.

Add or Delete Digital signature to MS Office File:

  • Open the document and place the cursor where you want your signature to be.
  • Then go to “Insert” tab followed by “Signature Line” and choose the option “Microsoft Office Signature Line”.

Digital signature to MS Office

  •  This will open a dialog box where we need to file some details as indicated in the image below. You can even add a date to your digital signature.

Singnature setup

  • A signature line is now present in the document. Click on it.
  • Now select an image of your handwritten signature which you want to add in documents.

To remove a digital signature from any MS Office document, just open the document. Go to the same signature line, click and select Remove signature. Ignore the warning and continue to remove the signature.

Invisible signature:

To protect the authenticity of an Office document from illegal use, we have also the option of invisible signatures. This will allow the file to open in reading mode only, and no user will be able to make changes in it.

To add an invisible signature to MS Office File;

  • Go to the file and click on the Information followed by “Protect document option”.
  • Then select to “add a digital signature”, finish the process with the signature information & save it.
  • In case you want to delete the invisible signature, go back to the option. And open File- Information- View signatures. Choose the option to remove the signature.

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