Bitlocker Drive: How To Decrypt It In Windows

BitLocker Encryption:

BitLocker encrypts the hard drive to safeguard the Operating System from attacks when it is offline.


People do encrypt their hard disks on the Windows using BitLocker to guard their data from unauthorized use. The only way to enter an encryption protected hard drive is to enter the correct password as you typed during encryption. There is no uncertainty that it renders a quite protection for data, but it is also untimely if you forget the password. Also just typing the password every time you want to access your files is quite annoying. So you ought to remove the password you created for your drive. Here is the quick tutorial:

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to decrypt a drive. The purpose of this tutorial is that we have already created a BitLocker encrypted disk.


  • We will right click on the drive and choose the unlock drive option. “BitLocker drive encryption” option will open. Enter the password and hit the unlock button. Once unlocked, let us go to next step.
  • Now open the control panel and go to “system and security.”

Bitlocker control panel

Bitlocker-drive encryption

  •  Once there, Go to the drive you want to decrypt. And click the “turn off” BitLocker drive encryption (Mine has decrypted already so off option is not in the images.)

Bitlocker select the drive

  • A popup will appear on your screen confirming that your drive will be decrypted. Click on the decrypt button to proceed. The process will begin. You will see a progress bar from 0 to 100 %.
  • Once completed, close the dialogue box. Now open the drive you just decrypt using BitLocker.
  • If it was a removable disk, just eject it once. Replug it to see if it still ask for a password or not. There will be no encryption anymore and content of the drive will be visible to you.

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