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Windows AppData Folder: Which Files Hidden In It

If you are a regular Windows user, then you know how Microsoft operating system keeps some files/folders hidden. They do it with the aim that no inexperienced user could accidentally delete them. This may cause the system to stop working properly. So one of these hidden folders, AppData folder, is to store the configuration of

Stop Unnecessary Services In Windows 10

This article contains a list of Windows 10 services that can be stopped, changed status to manual or disabled, to improve performance and speed, without destabilizing or affecting operating system functionality. Although the title of this page uses the term “unnecessary services,” we must understand that all Windows 10 services are necessary, but not for

List Of All Windows Commands Run Through CMD

Windows commands is the key of many functions. Execution of windows commands is done as Run tool. Just press the Windows key + R, type the command and click OK. Commands for the Windows Control Panel CONTROL : Opens the Control Panel. CONTROL ADMINTOOLS opens the administrative tools. COLOR CONTROL: Opens the display properties. CONTROL FOLDERS: Opens folder options. CONTROL FONTS opens the

Blue Screen Error or Death Screen In Windows

We have all experienced a moment of panic, unexpectedly displaying a blue screen error on the computer and start the system reboot, after receiving notification that it is due to an error. Most of the times nothing happens, but sometimes it is only the beginning of a series of conflicts. What is the blue screen,