Concept Of E Way bill In GST : How To Generate It

What is E Waybill:

Waybill Waiting trucks

Before discussing waybill under GST, we must know about E-way bill. The Way bill is basically a physical document necessary for transportation of Goods. This is not an invoice but contains all details of invoice. It includes quantity, item name, details of vehicle & transporter. Earlier it was a nightmare for suppliers and carriers. As there are 29 states and 7 union territories and each state have their own waybill form (some still have).

Examples: Form 16 for Uttarakhand, Form X or 600 for Andhra, Form XXVI(A) for Himachal Pradesh.

Some states have an online system for getting these forms. For others, people have to approach sales tax office for the same. To my personal experience, before 2016, Uttarakhand used to issue manual form 16. For sale, I had to ask the buyer to provide me form 16. It took more than a week. That’s how much complicated it was for sale of goods as I had to wait for more than a week.
As GST Bill motto, we can say that One nation one bill. Under GST, this E-waybill can be collected form GST portal by the supplier/transporter at the time of supply.

During many seminars I have attended, lots of people had the query that:

why this E-Way bill was necessary and how it is different from Earlier Waybills?

And the answer is yes.

Under GST, it is an E- Way bill, as there will be no manual permits. It can be obtained from the GST portal. This is mandatory for movement of goods which are more than ₹ 50,000 in value. It can be generated or canceled by SMS, unlike earlier waybills. Another best part is that whenever bill no. will be generated, this will be universal for the supplier, transporter, and buyer simultaneously. So earlier some sellers who used to lie to the customers by saying the material is dispatched, it will be difficult to fool the clients now. This will also regulate the transporters who delay delivery of goods intentionally, as the waybill will come with validity.

what after generating Waybill
Waybill Draft Rules

When should the Waybill be generated?

When there is a movement of goods:

  1. About supply (any consideration, barters, transfers)of goods;
  2. Sales return;
  3. Inward supply from the unregistered person.

Define “Supply” in E-bill?

A supply:

  1. Supplied for payments in the course of trade;
  2. supplies tendered for payment which is not in the course of business;
  3. Supplies without payment.

Who can generate E-way bill?

  1. Registered person
  2. Unregistered person
  3. Transporter.
  1. Waybill
    Waybill: Who can Generate

How to obtain Waybill from GST portal?

  • E-waybill under GST can be generated on E- Way Bill portal.
  • In the case of multiple consignments in a single vehicle, the transporter shall indicate the serial numbers of shipments electronically on the portal. It will get him unite e-way bill in form GST INS-2.

Rules for canceling E-bill:

If the e-way bill has been generated but goods are not being transported or wrong detail mentioned in it, then it can be canceled on portal within 24 Hours of generation of the bill.

Note: E-way bill cannot be canceled if it has been verified in transit by the provision of rule 3.

The validity of E way bill:

This can be a nightmare for many transporters as now they have to deliver the material within the time printed on the bill. Like rates of GST for the different class under GST, validity is also varied by location. See table:

eway bill

Note:  1. Commissioner may manipulate validity period in exceptional cases;
2. Date and time from which it is applicable will be date and time at which waybill is generated.

RFID under GST:

I am not sure about the implementation date, but the concept of RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is mentioned under official notification of GST act. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.
Commissioner may notify class of transporters to obtain RFID devices implanted in the conveyance. And same will be verified by RFID scanners on all checkpoints.

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