Convert Any Mobile Phone to CCTV or Webcam

Not all desktops or laptops have a front Webcam, an essential tool for making Skype calls or any other kind of video. Although we do not need it on a daily basis, they are of great value.
Many of you might have a question that why would we use our mobile as a Webcam. Well there may be:

  • No front camera in an old android phone, so you will be able to use your rear cam for video calling.
  • It may work as CCTV camera for may be baby watching or else. You would need not to buy other expensive cameras.

Now the question is how to do this? There are certain apps available in the market to make this happen.


Download the following Apps:

 Android as Webcam:

Play store provides apps for this purpose. There are a lot of fake apps, so I suggest you use Droidcam or IP webcam.

Unlike Droidcam, IPvWebCam does not require similar app in windows, but it can be operated through the browser.

  1. Procedure to Use IP Webcam:


  • Use the same wi-fi network for both Mobile and PC.
  • Install the app on your Android (it is advisable to close any app that is using the camera).
  • Launch it and tap “start server.”
  • The app will now show some random URL, copy this, and paste it in your browser.
  • In the browser, you will see a drop-down list, Select Browser.
  • Followed by Audio renderer. Now select HTML WAV.














Now it is good to go. You will see a real time live feed in your connected browser. You can even record it. Once you begin to use it, it will be easy. Use VLC Media player for HTML WAV audio stream to avoid any audio glitch.

Once the app starts running, you can turn the screen off, as it keeps recording anyways.

      2. Android set up for video call:

Frustrating that SKYPE Does not work well with IP Webcam. So you have to use DroidCam and its PC Client to work.

  • Install DroidCam client on your device as well as your Computer.
  • Connect to the same wi-fi network.
  • Open the mobile app and note down the wifi IP listed on the screen.
  • Open the windows client and paste the IP there.
  • You will see the live feed from DroidCam on your PC.
  • It’s better to keep your mobile App open. Turn the mobile lock off.
  • Start Skype and select DroidCamSource1 as your webcam for video call.
  • done.

iOS Mobile as Webcam:

EpocCAM or PocketCam mostly used by MAC users. PocketCam is kind of messy and gives only B&W video without audio (Paid version required for audio). EpocCam is free and easy to use.

  1. Procedure to Use EpocCam:

  • Download app from the iTunes store for iDevice and MAC.
  • Connect both of them to the same network.
  • Installing app may ask you to update drivers etc., make sure to download them (especially audio and video drivers.)
  • start the app on both the devices under same networks.
  • The Mobile app will search for the means running cam software on the same system. Your system will now display video from the apparatus.
  • Sometimes there may be an error in connection. Restart the app is an easy solution. You can not record video in this app, but third party software like CamStudio, ScreenPresso will do this task.

      2. iOS set up for video call:

The procedure is similar as previous one. EpocCam allows you to connect to Skype.

  • Install the app on device and MAC computer both.
  • Start both apps allow it to connect automatically.
  • Start Skype and choose EpocCam as the webcam for video calling.
    Now you’ll be using your device as a Webcam.

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