How To Delete Windows.Old Folder In Windows 10

At the time of updating the operating system, it is advisable to format the hard disk. But when not done in the process of updating, the Windows wizard automatically creates a backup of the previous version of “Windows.old.” It can occupy up to gigabytes of memory on the hard drive. The copy is there if, at the time of installing the new OS, it saves by default the latest version and so we do not lose the data and information on the hard disk. And back before the changes caused during the upgrade.

OS make this copy at the time of installing the new Operating system so that in the case of process failure, you could at least access previous version. And when the update shows no error, you can delete the files in the “Windows.Old” folder. What you will see below is a quick guide on how to remove this folder and recover that valuable space on your hard drive.











The first thing to do is to search the hard drive for the Windows.Old folder. It would normally be in Local Disk C. But with pressing the Delete or Delete command, these files will disappear, It is necessary to run Disk Cleanup first.

  1. Press the Start key + E, and Windows Explorer window opens.
  2. On the left, you will see a panel with several files and folders, Find local disk c.
  3. When you open the command list, go to where it says.
  4. Press the button that says Cleanup (Disk Cleanup).
  5. Then click on Clean Up System Files.
  6. There will be several boxes, where it says Previous Windows Installation (s), select this one.
  7. Once selected, press Ok, and start cleaning the hard drive of the old folder.
  8. Then Delete Files.

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