How to Gain Quality Backlinks For Better SEO

Backlinks are links from external pages point to our websites. Getting Quality backlinks and in a natural way, through a project to lake term based, high-quality content, fresh, original and that which contributes value, should be the SEO objective of any project as this will make all our links are natural and convenient.

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Ways to get Quality Backlinks:

There are several ways to get quality backlinks to your website, some of them are listed down here:

  • Broken links:

As we already know broken links are harmful to a site, so we advise that you look for broken links on quality sites and a theme related to yours so that you offer the opportunity to change it and point to your website. I’m sure you’ll thank him, and he will not give you any trouble.


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  • Guest Article:

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Offering a guest article is probably the most commonly used method for getting Quality backlinks. It means contacting the owner of a website with a high Page Rank and providing the opportunity to write a post on your guest blog, which can provide useful and quality information to users. In exchange, you could receive few links to your web site.

  • Offers your technical help:

If the two techniques above did not work or you just want to receive more incoming links, you can extend your help to webs with high authority in which you have detected errors that you can solve. You will only have to contact the owner of the website and comment on the mistakes that you have seen and that you can solve. In most cases, you will be happy to include a link to your website. That’s a humble way to get quality backlinks.

  • Participate in forums:

While the links from the forums will not make you 1st in place in search engines for the keywords, you choose. But it can bring you visits. Search forums related to your topic, certainly want forums that are active. If your last post was 2012, you can forget it, register and start participating. Solve doubts, become someone recognized within the forum and a link in your signature may be enough to bring you visits.

  • Leave the comment on other blogs:

Here the goal is again to get visitors. Find blogs related to your topic and comment your posts.  Nevertheless, there are few points to keep in mind:

  1. The more readers and observations the blog articles have, the better your goal is to gain visits.
  2. Leave a comment. This does not indicate that you have to agree with the author of the post. If you have an opposite opinion, you can reveal it, with much discretion, in your commentary and there is no problem. The goal is to leave a comment such that people read it and think: “Wow! I have to visit the site of this genius ;)))”
  • Backlinks from .edu or .gov type sites:

    They are sites highly valued by Google. Generating quality backlinks in these sites is not easy. First, we look for related sites with our site niche, and then we cross our fingers to allow us to leave comments and include a link to our website.

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  • There are also Social Networking tools with which you can get dofollow backlinks like Klout; you can acquire these links through tweets sent from Twitter account.
  • Analyze your competition with some tracking tools like Ahrefs and get incoming links so you can put links to your website wherever possible.
  • If we are talking about placing a blog, use content
    curation tools like or Storify, with these tools you will get links not follow, but your content may be shared more easily.

quality backlinks for seoIn short, there are many probabilities to get backlinks. Be creative, explore your options and make a strategy to get your quality links. Also, remember that team of professionals, experts in SEO and positioning can help you with these and many other tasks.

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