Some Hidden Features of Android That You Possibly Don’t Know

It is difficult to find a person without a completely vital mobile at the present time. We all are aware of the general features of Android which are shown to us during advertisement or review of mobile. But there are some Features of Android phones which are still hidden to 95% of the users.

Features of Android

Magnifying Glass

The first function we are going to talk about is Magnifying Gestures. Android allows us to enlarge images and web pages by moving through the enlarged area by sliding with one finger.

To activate it you must access Settings > Accessibility > Magnifying Glass Gestures. Once activated, just touch the screen three times to expand it. To move around the image you have to slide with two fingers at the same time and to exit you have to repeat the three touches.

Hotspot Mode

we all know what a hotspot is. But do you know that you can make your Android device a hotspot tool????

Yes, it is possible. You can share the data of your Android Mobile with many people as you want. Now that we have Jio, it is very handy to use and share your data pack with friends.

Face Movement feature to Control Android

There is a free app called Eva Facial Mouse. This app is fun to use. First of all, do settings on your mobile as app asks you. Once all is done,  just tilting your sideways to control your device is enough. You don’t even require to touch your Android device.

Secret Game Feature

If your device allows Android Gingerbread 2.3, then you must have this hidden game. This game is normally difficult to find because there is no separate icon on home screen. You need to go to the Settings >About Phone. Keep tapping Android version several times until a Marshmallow appears. tap on it and you will find the game.

Guest Mode

Most of the Androids have this feature now. And actually, it does not come in hidden features of Android category. This feature comes handy many times, especially for youngsters. If suddenly your partner or parents ask for your mobile and you want to hide something in it. You can customise guest mode as you want. Customize it for only things you want other people to see. For activating it, swipe down the notification with two-fingers. Pat the user icon on the right. An Add Guest icon will come on screen. Now go and customize it.

Battery Saver Trick

We all keep our mobile’s brightness low to save battery power. But I have a better idea. Choose a dark/black wallpaper for your home screen. This will save the battery power as the automated pixel highlighting will shut down. This trick works very well for Samsung mobiles. Other Android users can try it too.

Text To Speech Features of Android

Sometimes, we feel dull to read texts. To solve this, Your Android device has the capability to read whatever text you receive. Not only read but it also writes with the help of speech typing. You can use this option by going to Settings > Accessibility > Text-to-Speech Output option.

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