How to Hide Disk Drive letters in Windows 10

The Windows operating system uses a letter-based terminology to identify a disk drive from another. By default, C is usually the drive letters that represents the drive where Windows is installed. While other letters like D, E, F refer to other disk partitions or USB devices connected to the computer. However, it is possible to give a whatever name to each of the units comfortably. Next, we’ll show you how to show or hide the drive letters in Windows 10.

drive letters removal

Steps to follow to show or hide drive letters in Windows 10

  • To make this happen, the first thing we have to do is open the file explorer of Windows 10 or 8.1. Go to Options, and click on the tab that appears just below and then we select the option “Change folder and search options.”

drive letters remove

  • This will open a new Folder Options window organized in three tabs;
  • General, View, and Search. Select the View tab and find a list of the Advanced Settings options. In that list, we can see a lot of options for files and folders or of the navigation panel, but we need “show drive letters.”

show drive letters

  • Once we have found that option, uncheck the box, click on Apply to save the changes and OK to close. Now, we can go back to the Windows file explorer and check how the letters of the system drives are no longer exist.

show drive letters in windows

If at any time, we want or need to undo this change and return to display the letters of the Windows 10 units, we just have to reopen a file browser. And from Vista> Options> Change folder and search options, access the Folder options and within the tab, re-check the box that we have deselected previously, “Show Drive letters. When you apply the changes, you will see how the letters of the Windows drives reappear in the browser.

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