How To Make Money On YouTube : YouTube Pay You Per 1000 Views

YouTube is one of the most successful and visited sites on the internet today. It is a platform where you can host, save and share all kinds of video files on various topics, dedicated to different tastes and interests. Most of us do not know How To Make Money On YouTube that it also offer.
Youtube is full of short (few seconds) to long (Hours) videos, there are tutorials, support guide videos, professional or amateurish music videos, various documentaries, films and movies of all kinds.
YouTube makes it easy for the creators of these videos to earn money. To start, you just have to create a free account. Now you can quickly upload your videos & if its worth, it will be viral all over the world. In this article, we will discuss the criteria, do’s and don’ts for the topic How To Make Money On YouTube.

Why Should You Choose Youtube:

There are many online Video platforms where you can upload your videos and probably earn too. But Youtube is the most used in all of them, and it is available in all parts of the world. It is easy to use and it guarantees money making.

How to Earn From YouTube:

On YouTube, we can make money with the videos that we upload, displaying ads for the Google AdSense service, although there are other options too. Google pays you for the views your videos get. The more people watch your videos, more you can earn. The best part of “How To Make Money On YouTube” concept is that quality of the video content does not matter, how much audience it can attract, does. You may have seen many YouTubers whose videos are c grade, but they still get millions of views.

What Will Make you Earn Money from YouTube?

Choose the Niche of videos that have mass acceptance. Upload videos that are likely to be searched most by users. It will help you to go viral. A promise of bringing better and more videos as a nice ending of uploaded video will bring more traffic to your channel. Use Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, or Instagram to make your videos popular. Just remember, Likes on the videos does not matter, but the total views earn you money.

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Steps to Consider Before You Choose to Monetize:

To start earning from videos and monetizing YouTube channel, there are few things to consider.
Before applying for approval to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, one must make sure that:

  • To have an active YouTube channel, where at least 10-12 videos are uploaded already.
  • Have few subscribers to the channel (You may ask your friends on Facebook to subscribe your Youtube Channel.)
  • Make sure to share your videos on social media sites to gain initial views.
  • Once all of the above steps followed, monetize your channel. (How to monetize your youtube channel will be explained in next article.)

Why and What does Youtube Pay For Videos?

There is no exact way to know how much you can gain with YouTube. But I can tell you YouTube pay about 1-2 dollars for every 1000 views on your video. There are people who claim that they get 5-8 dollars for the same. It may be true in case you are popular on YouTube and YouTube might pay you more.

And why does Youtube pay you for uploading videos? Did you notice, 5-10 second advertisements before any video? Youtube earn from those advertisements and give you a fair share of it.

Ideas to Make YouTube Video Channel Popular:

If you use Facebook, you know how and what type of videos get viral. A person shares a video, and a long chain gets started. Even an average quality of video get thousand of shares. It could be a satire video, funny animals, cute babies, some street fight, comic video or even c-grade singing videos get popular. Gym training, swimming, cooking, disco etc. whatever you can imagine will get you famous on youtube. All depends upon your skilled hand and imagination.

  • Try to keep the video short, attractive, and the audio must be clear.
  • Upload new content constantly.
  • Choose the title wisely and tag it with proper keywords so that it ranks properly in YouTube search engine.
  • Share the videos on every social platform.
  • Create a similar blog or website for the same and embed the videos in the pages.
  • Try as much as possible to get sufficient subscribers. Do not hesitate to ask your friends to like your page/channel.

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