How To Use Shareit Between Mobile And PC

SHAREit is a multi-platform app that allows you to share files between your smartphone or tablet and your computer, wirelessly and with maximum transfer speed. That way, you no longer have to rely on the USB cable to send all kinds of files to other devices.

1: Install the right app

Using SHAREit to share files wirelessly between the mobile device and your computer is not simple. Plus, you do not need to rely on a wireless network or spend your rate data to do so!

The only condition for doing so is to have the application installed on the devices with which you want to share the files.To download SHAREit apps for mobile versions you just have to look for SHAREit on Google Play or the App Store if you’re using iOS.


2: Connect your smartphone and your PC

After installing SHAREit on both devices, it’s time to share files. But first, you need to log in to the SHAREit app on both devices.

The simplest way to connect your computer and your smartphone or tablet wirelessly with SHAREit is to attach both devices to the likewise Wi-Fi network. It then starts the connection process from both devices.

Start SHAREit on your computer and click on the Options icon, represented by three horizontal lines. Choose Connect to computer and SHAREit will start looking for other devices that have the active app.


















Do the same from your smartphone. Open the left side panel by sliding your finger from that side to the center of the screen and touch the Connect to computer option. The locator of equipment will then start and, if it detects your pc, will display it on the radar. Tap on the detected device and, after accepting the connection on the PC, both devices will be connected.


If the computer does not appear on the radar of your smartphone.Then go to SHAREit on your pc. Click on the option Show QR Code. Then, from your smartphone, tap Scan to connect and scan the QR code that is displayed on your PC screen. And both computers will connect.

3: Create an access point in SHAREit

If you do not have any Wi-Fi connection by hand, it does not matter. SHAREit takes advantage of the tethering function of your mobile device to create a private WiFi zone to which other devices can connect to share files with them.

You can create this private access point by starting the connection from the side panel of SHAREit, as we mentioned in the previous step, but this time, touch on the options PC looks for mobile. Your smartphone will then create your Wi-Fi.
Now, connect the devices with which you want to share files to that WiFi network. Once connected to that WiFi, start SHAREit on each of them, and they will be connected and ready to send or receive files.

This way, you can transmit and collect files, without having to consume your data rate or be depending on a WiFi network.

4: Send files with SHAREit

Once both computers are connected, you can start sending files between them since the connection is bi-directional. That is, from each device you can send and receive files or data.













To send files from your computer to your smartphone wirelessly, just drag all the files you want to send to the app window and automatically send them to the other device.
To send files from your smartphone to your computer, just click on any of the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen of your smartphone, depending on the type of file you want to send, and look on your smartphone for that file. Then touch Next, and it will be directed to the connected device.

5: Receiving files

Once you have received the files that are automatically saved to the pc, to access them, you only need to use the File Explorer of your smartphone. Or use the shortcut to the files received from SHAREit.
On the main screen of the app on your mobile device, tap on the Received icon. And all files obtained using SHAREit will be displayed. If you wish, you can choose where to save the files you receive. To do this, just go to the Settings section of the side menu and in the Storage location section, change the support to the SD card or the internal memory of the device.
If you want to access the list of files received on your computer. Click on the Received Files icon or display the Options menu where you will also find that option.

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