Incognito Mode Browsing: Not As Private As You Believe

What is Incognito Mode:

Incognito mode or private surfing is a privacy feature in internet browsers to hide browsing history and the cookies. This leaves a person to surf the Internet without saving his search habits.

Incognito Chrome

If you use Android, windows, etc. Then you know how much Google obsesses with your privacy breaching. Suppose you want to surf the internet secretly without anyone able to track you. What will you do?How do you secure your email passwords using the public internet? 

Well, we use incognito or privacy mode and believe that it does not keep our browsing history. Well, it’s a fact that Incognito mode which we have entrusted for so long is not as safe as we believe them.

Researches show that Chrome/Mozilla/opera etc. all store at least small part of your history while you surf with Incognito mode. It could be valuable for many things you like, but Incognito was never about hiding your internet traffic data.

Here is the data that is not stored by browsers in private mode: searches, pages you visit, & cookies. As far as your browser is involved, you were never online.

How come “Incognito” Is Not private???

  • ISP Can Track Your Every Move:

    Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has every record of your movements on the internet. Even when you are in private, you’re still transferring data between your system & the internet. So you are nevertheless people who are operating server access points can track you.

    So let us say you are browsing some websites that you should not, Your ISP can technically monitor and save those searches. You may use incognito mode if you want to save time in deleting your history/password manually, but it will be still stored somewhere else.

  • Apps and Websites Can Remember you:

    Incognito mode is a swift way of viewing a webpage without login into any accounts. Still, if you do log into Twitter, snapdeal, etc., those sites are going to know about it. If you enter your login password, Incognito mode will not stop you.

    Your browser may forget that you were surfing snapdeal for three hours in private mode, But snapdeal will. And if you want proof of it, next time when you revisit it, I bet you will see the search results related to your previous session.

    There are some apps like keyloggers, safety apps, and monitoring software. They do not care about incognito mode.That possible security threat stretches to browser extensions, too. Though Chrome disables all extensions in incognito mode, studies suggest that add-ons may work in the background or in private mode too.

So What is the Best Possible Solution?

  • Use of VPN: 

    It may help!! Use of some paid VPNs may assist in keeping your browsing and internet habits hidden even from your ISP. A genuine VPN masks your IP Address and your location. So the websites you visit would never know about you.

  • Use Better Browser:

    If you are serious about safeguarding your pieces of information on different websites, forget about the standard browsers you use on your computer. Go with particular browsers like Tor or Epic Browser. Tor Browser is a favorite tool, free for all internet platforms. The Epic Browser is only available for the Apple & Windows OS. Both of these browsers keep your browsing safe and private by creating proxies and make sure your web history is not leaked.

Are these browsers foolproof? Well, something is better than nothing. This is a far valid answer than using incognito mode. So enjoy :))



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