MAC Vs Windows Systems: Why MAC Is Better

MAC Vs Windows is always a difficult choice just like Android vs iOS.  It is a hard choice because both platforms have its own advantages and disadvantages. But in fact, it also depends on a lot of external factors like the devices you have and what kind of software you like to use.

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For example, If you have an iPod and you love it, You have an iPhone, and you admire its quality, so why not think the feasibility of getting a Mac? Why are you still confuse for choosing MAC in MAC Vs Windows battle??

There could be many reasons for this. It may be the price as compare to PC. Or it is an obvious thing that for a comparably small price we can have a PC that can meet our daily needs while buying a Mac requires a larger expenditure. There is also the issue of market share. It is also a fact that there are more PCs than Macs. Some may think that buying MAC would isolate them from family/friends who usually have windows and discuss and exchange ideas about that. Well, all of us wanted to discuss the benefits, the advantages of having a Mac today, which we could summarize in following steps:

1. Speed Of Mac:

Buying a Mac today, a new system means being at the peak of the wave regarding speed/power. Whether we buy an iMac with the new Core i5, etc., or we settle for a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, we know that we have a processor design that will allow us to get the most out of the system for a long time. This has always been Apple’s belief, to create teams with an excellent durability in time. This thing weakens the thought that Macs are costly.

2. Quick operation:

One of the things that separate Mac from Windows is that when you take the product out of the case, you can begin using it instantly and easily, while Windows computers come full of programs given by the manufacturer, most of them are worthless, and make the performance slow quite a bit. In Mac, this does not happen, since the manufacturer of the hardware and the operating system is the same so there are no useless applications.

3. Natural Applications and OS:

Since Apple is the manufacturer of its own devices & operating system, the applications have better distribution in their products. There is an equilibrium within the tool and the operating system that makes its use much more natural. As Compare to Windows, it is much simpler to use. The necessary applications are integrated to perform the most basic tasks without having to always resort to third-party applications. If we compare the interface, there is a profound difference in favor of MAC. And if we get into system stability and crashing of apps, Windows comes out rigorously abused.

4.  Security against Viruses or Malware:

It’s a fact that Macs have excellent security than PCs and those remain that way even though Macs have grown in market share. When we compare MAC Vs Windows, Mac operating systems, being less popular than Windows, are less exposed to attack. This does not indicate that they are perfectly safe, but there are less corrupt programs attacks as its use is less common than Windows. The fact of not needing any antivirus program makes the Mac go much faster.

5. Stability :

Forget the consistent formatting of the hard drive to start over from scratch because the system has become so vast and dense that it is practically uncontrollable, this is not the case on Mac. When you delete an app, it will be real deleting without leaving residues. And, of course, we can also forget about system crashes that lead to annoying reboots.

6.  Design and quality:

One of the strengths of the Mac is its charming design and the quality of the materials with which its devices are made. Having any Apple product in your hands gives you the feeling of robustness.

Take a MacBook Pro and a high-end model from HP or Samsung to test it. About design, It is just spectacular, classic, timeless and attractive, which gives the product an added value and a sense of exclusivity that other brands need.

7. Productivity:

If we focus on the operating system, I think OS X wins by beating Windows. The number of keyboard shortcuts that we can use with a Mac is extremely higher to Windows. Hence it is the OS preferred by specialists in fields such as photography, audio/video editing, graphic designing, etc. The computer must be at the service of the user and not the other way around. As we all know, for Windows to work well we must continually be doing things like defragmentation, registry cleaning, disk scans and many cumbersome operations.

It is not about MAC vs Windows or if one is better than other. It is about your preference whether you choose Speed, security, elegant design over Ease to use, More applications etc. Both are good at their places.

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Windows Vs MAC Systems: Why Windows Is Better


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