OTG cable: Uses of OTG Cable You Possibly Did Not Know

If you have an Android mobile, you must have used the OTG Cable to transfer files stored on your USB drive to mobile. OTG is the best way to upgrade your mobile storage memory by connecting USB drive through it. It is also used in the communication between two devices. The OTG Cable is used to increase your device’s functions. It can efficiently transfer the data from an external Pendrive to your smartphone.


But that’s not it. There are much more uses of OTG cable you did not imagine. Here, in this article, I have compiled most of them. Let us take a look:

1. Connect A Pendrive:

You can plug in an external pen drive to your smartphone with the help of OTG. You can transfer files, access data and even play movies on the connected Pen drive. It is helpful when you have small internal storage on your mobile, and you do not have Memory SD card. USB drive can act as an external memory card.

2. To Connect USB Keyboard or Mouse:

Connecting a USB keyboard to your mobile is an easy task. Just connect one end of your OTG Cable to the Keyboard and another end with Android mobile. Now you can easily reply text messages and make documents using the external bigger keyboard. Same is the case with Mouse. Just attach a mouse and enjoy the flying cursor on the android screen.

OTG Cable keyboard

3. Content Sharing Between Two Mobiles:

You can transfer the contacts, messages and even call logs among two Android mobiles using an App from Samsung and OTG cable. This means of transferring is simple & better. Also, it drains less battery.

4. Internet Connection By LAN Cable:

Most of us don’t know that the OTG Cable can be used to connect your mobile to LAN (Local Area Network) cable. This will solve your problem if you do have broadband at home but no router to transmit WiFi. Just buy a LAN to USB controller & connect it. Now you can have access to your broadband in your mobile directly.

5. Charging Another Mobile Using OTG:

Just connect two Android smartphones, and the phone that is connected to USB host will start powering the other mobile. It could be a great help in case of emergency. The only condition for this method is that hosting device must have the higher battery power than another one. You can also charge non-android phones with the same technique.

OTG Cable Mobile charging

6. Connect Gamepads For Gameplay:

If you have a good specification Android mobile, playing high-end games on your smartphone must have been the best activity for you. OTG Cable can even make it even better. Many Android games these days allow external gamepads for a better experience. You can connect your game pad to your device using OTG wire and have the pleasure of better gaming experience.

OTG Cable Gameplay

7. Printer connection:

Printers are one of the important things in this digital time. You must have seen the option of print on your smartphone. But you did not know how to do that. Right? Connecting your printer to Android is even simpler than you know. Use an OTG to connect the two hardware & print whatever you want to.

Though “Mass storage” mode may not work for some users. So use P2P (Photo to photo or photo transfer mode) while connecting two devices.

8. Audio Recording:

Some YouTubers feel like that mic quality of their Android phone is not sufficient. So this trick will work well for them. You can connect any external mic to your Android device for better audio quality. You can even connect USB enable the sound card to your phone using OTG Cable.

9. Connect USB Fan or LED Light Via OTG Cable:


You can connect USB fan to your device for different ideas. Just insert the end of both tools into OTG Cable. The fan will use your phone battery to rotate and surely it will drain your battery very fast.

OTG can also connect the USB LED light to your phone. Let us say your mobile lacks front flash feature. Just connect external USB LED to via OTG and get a better picture quality in the night.

10. External Camera connection to Phone:

DSLR is the life for some people these days. It’s a powerful tool for better photography, and if they can connect their Android mobile with the DSLR, it would be even better. So, just connect your DSLR or any other USB enabled camera to your smartphone, click the picture from your smartphone without touching or shaking your camera kept on a stand. You know the picture quality would be better when you are not shaking your camera by moving it.

11. Connect other Instruments:

Android is a robust platform for all. You can even compose music and make your device a complete workshop with this OTG cable trick. Connect your music tools to your Android phone using the MIDI connections. Install the application, before placing the link.

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