PAN Card Status Check : Easy Way To Know If Your PAN Is Not Deactivated

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is a number that serves as an identification for Indian citizens. Expressly those who are eligible to pay Income Tax. It is a unique, ten character identifier, assigned to all legal articles identifiable following the Indian Income Tax Act. The PAN number is compulsory for almost all of commercial activities such as starting a bank account, obtaining salary or professional fees, sale/purchase of the property.

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It requires mainly in high-value businesses. It is necessary to check your PAN Card Status due to recent news that government is cracking down multiple PAN Card holders and deactivating them.PAN CardThe Indian government disabled about 11L permanent account numbers (PAN). It was a good move to check fake or duplicate PAN Cards. Times of India report says, as, on July 27, 2017, 11,44,000 duplicate PANs have been distinguished. PAN is the key identifier of taxable items & collection of all commercial transactions done by the person.

As per rules, an individual/firm/organization cannot have more than one PAN. The Indian Express report also mention some people who have PAN registered in their name, but they are either dead or does not exist. Some also have given false information about themselves.

If you are not sure of your PAN Card Status, it is advisable that you check your PAN Card Status, which is an easy online process. If by mistake or whatever, you do have two or more PAN Cards register in your name, Just follow the steps given below:

Easy Steps to follow to Know Your PAN Card Status:

Step 1:

Go to Income Tax Filing website.  Followed by “Know your PAN | TAN | AO” Tab. 

PAN Card Status

Step 2:

Step 1 will take you to the page where they will ask for your personal information like your name, status, the mobile number registered with PAN, Date of the birth and gender. Fill all the details and click submit.

PAN Card Status

Step 3:

Now you will receive a message on your mobile number (OTP). Fill it in where “Mobile PIN” is asked.

PAN Card Status

Step 4:

Sometimes, there may be multiple PANs with similar details like yours. So portal may request you for more information like Father name etc. Fill it, and you will know your PAN Card Status. If it says “Active,” then congratulations!! Your PAN is alive and working.

PAN Card Status

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