Problems and Their solutions faced in GST Migration Process

GST will now cover all Central Excise and Service Tax & VAT dealers. A Provisional ID will be provided to dealers along with Password by CBEC (central board of excise and customs) for GST Migration. But, there are some problems that firms face while GST Migration.

GST migration


Here is the list of few of obstacles encountered in GST Migration and their solutions:

1. Invalid Provisional ID:

  • Delete your browser history.
  • Sign in again at GST portal. You will obtain a 10 number access mark along with your provisional ID (In case it is <<< ten digits, insert zeros in origin and make it a ten digit.

2. Registration Certificate Canceled:

There may be an error message saying  “RC is canceling, so therefore Provisional ID also stands invalid.

You might have failed to file your returns within the due date. Hence the concerned authority has not sent your GST provisional ID to the GST office. You have to go to the department personally to request writing an application to ask them to accelerate the process.

There is also a chance that your ID was assigned before Jan 31st, 2017 and you did not use it. So it has been discontinued. Follow these steps:

  • Email your query to from your registered e-mail ID.
  • Add Subject  “I need PID to transfer to GST.”
  • State your Service Tax/Excise RC Number (whatever you have).
  • And you can also send any other query related to migration.

3. OTP Error:

Once you complete registration, you will get an OTP on your email id/mobile. If not, follow these steps:

  • Click resend option.
  • Make sure Do Not Disturb (DND) service is not activated with your mobile service provider. Please deactivate the same and try again.
  • Check your spam folder for the email. I am Pretty sure this will do the work.

4. Range Code Error:

You must choose the correct location code while filling the GST Form-20. May be needed field code does not appear in the drop down menu. Refresh the page to see if it is there.

5. Incorrect PAN Card Details:

If you enter wrong PAN details, a validation error occurs. Entering the exact PAN details is very essential. Like When you enter the First, Middle & Last Name, it is essential to update the same as designated in the PAN database.

6. Verification Pending:

“pending for verification”  error message. Please make sure you provide the correct OTP. Also, check if your Adhaar is linked to a mobile number.

Check if you have given the correct OTP. Also, make sure if you Adhaar is linked to your mobile number.

7. ARN Not Received:

ARN (application reference number) for all the migrations are there after June 15th,  2017. If you did not get it already, go to GST Helpdesk.

8. DSC Not Registered:

if you get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) related error, consider these things:

  • Go to GST portal, and register for DSC.
  • If it fails to serve the purpose, try uninstalling and install the DSC service again.
  • Check your Java version. It should be up to date, and also its version should be compatible with the website.

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