Proxy Servers: Difference Between Proxy Servers and VPN Servers

The purpose of using VPN and proxy servers is to hide the identification of users or to deceive geographic bans. Many VPN also offers proxy servers services. The interesting thing is that many proxy servers are available to use for free.
Essentially, it is even more essential that you determine which will meet your needs and at the same time be accessible. Although the two are quite similar, they work differently and have different outcomes. This is further complicated as there are many different proxy services online from which to choose.

VPN vs Proxy

Proxy servers are systems that act as a mediator between the internet and computer. All traffic crossing through proxy servers will appear to have begun from your IP address rather than from your computer. Proxies do not have far-reaching resources to encrypt the traffic passing through them (Unlike VPNs), and hence they can accept parallel connections from many users at the same time. Proxy servers communicate with the Internet using HTTP.

All about Proxy Servers:

What is the use of proxy???????

how proxy servers works

  • It works with the web browser, torrent clients, etc.
  • Protect a single application.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Encryption if ssh (secure shell protocol) is there.

Take a proxy server as a gateway. You have control over the proxy settings, which only affects your torrent client or any other program that is compatible with socks5 proxy servers. A proxy only provides IP impersonate to one application at a time. When we use a proxy with a torrent, we get all the benefits of this download mode and proxy server, including protection, speed, geographic location and unidentified IP.

To better understand the difference between the HTTP and Socks proxy protocols, it would be essential to compare the pro and cons of both.

SOCKS Proxy Servers:

SOCKS servers do not translate network traffic. This character makes them more flexible but slower. One of the great benefits of the SOCKS protocol is that it supports all types of internet traffic, including SMTP and POP3 for email, FTP and torrent files as well. But biggest shortcomings is its security, which is more or less the same as HTTP servers.


socks Proxy servers

HTTP Proxy Servers:

The HTTP (The Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol is meant to translate HTTP-level traffic. They not only manage traffic with URLs that start with http:// or https://, but web surfing also possible. However, because these servers only handle HTTP requests, they tend to be faster than conventional VPN servers or SOCKS proxies.

HTTP proxy

HTTP proxies serve to be practical and evenly effective at hiding your IP from necessary revisions, making them the perfect choice for accessing geographically restricted websites and creating accounts. But these proxies are only useful for accessing web sites and nothing else.

All about VPN servers:

What is the use of a VPN????

  • VPN works with  Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, & iOS.
  • You can use OpenVPN.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Protect and encrypt all your communication, not just a single program.

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Best Free/Paid VPN services in India


vpn Proxy servers

Proxy, which only secures your web browser/torrent client, a VPN is an encrypted tunnel that guarantees 100% of your internet access. With the aid of VPN server, you can enjoy excellent protection, despite your geographical situation. It protects not only your torrent downloads but also your online activity (email, browser and other applications). You will also get faster connections and encryption.

You should keep in mind that the government or your internet provider have the necessary means to check the VPN server that you have connected but nothing else. Your IP addresses and activities will remain hidden with 128-bit encryption.

That said, VPN servers have the capability to check your records online. A good VPN provider tends to avoid logging those details. Putting the user’s activities at risk and what he has been doing online would be antithetical to the goal of using a VPN in the first place.

government snooping us

To set a VPN up, you have to download and install a VPN client. Once you configure everything, all internet activity, despite the program you are using, will be directed through the VPN securely.

One of the consequential cons of VPN servers is that they are relatively expensive. During intensive use, servers can slow down exponentially, which is not a good thing.


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My Final Say:

Considering facts given in this article, I can conclude that VPN servers are far better than regular proxies. It’s not only their high effectiveness, but they are also the best at what they do. As your online anonymity improves significantly, it is an even better way to avoid the speed limit of your ISP.

The only reason anyone would choose a proxy server over a VPN is when the user is short of funds. However, VPN services are not as costly as they seems. For a good service, you will have to pay :))))))


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