How To Recover Your Gmail Password

A forgotten password in Gmail is a common headache. Although Google has a comprehensive system for improving passwords, it is essential that you know the exact method to retrieve the password in Gmail.

1: The Beginning

When it comes to the consciousness that you have overlooked the Gmail password, the first thing to do is to start the method that Google makes possible to users to retrieve access to the account. Go to the login and click on the option ” Need help? “.

2:”I forgot my password”

Since our difficulty is a misremembered Gmail password, we marked the ” I forgot my password ” option and click on the ” Continue ” button.

3: Enter the Gmail address

In order to retrieve the password of the account, you must first enter the email address whose password you have overlooked. To do this in part ” Email Address “, rewrite your email account.

4: Entering Gmail passwords

Although very unlikely to work, Google recommends us in this step to get into a password that we think may be password of our account. In case we have forgotten it, we just click on the choice ” I do not know “, and we can proceed without obstacles with the process of recovery of the password.


5: Enter an alternative email address:

Before you start password restoration, it is necessary to enter an actual email address so that Google can contact us in the state you require further information to recover the password. To do this, in the ” Contact Information ” segment, enter the alternative email account twice (once in every box).

6: When did you login last time????

The first security question that Google makes in this procedure is the following: ” When was the last time you were able to log in to your Google account? “. In this first question, we have to enter an approximate date that we believe corresponds to the last time we logged into the email account that we are trying to recover.

In the second question, ” When did you create your Google account? “, You must enter the approximate date in which we remember to have originated the email account in the problem.

Once both fields are created, click on the ” Continue .”

7: Email addresses of our contact list:

If the account we are seeking to recover is ours, it is very reasonable that we will recognize some of the contacts with which we swapped emails at the time. Therefore, in this step, Google urges us to enter up to 3-5 email addresses with whom we have interacted.

We have to give the Gmail tags that we have built at any time in our email account.

Finally, we are asked to enter the first recovery email address we have registered for our Gmail account. Both this and the two previous steps are not mandatory to complete, so in any case, to advance we have to click on the ” Continue ” button (or ” Ignore these questions ” in case we do not remember any data) .

8: Other Google products

To end the form, Google will ask us to enter the products of the company that we have linked to our email account. This step is not compulsory, and to choose a product, click on the ” Select one ” drop-down box, and fill in the information corresponding to the creation date of the account.

Once we have finished, click on the ” Send ” button. It is important for us to be aware that by completing this procedure, Google will store the IP address from which the form was forwarded, so it is not desirable to follow these steps to try to gain access to accounts that actually correspond to others people.

From here, we can only wait for Google to contact us. If we are the real owners of the account in question, it should not be long before we receive an email in our contact account with all the information to follow to restore the Gmail password.

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