How To Reopen A Closed Tab In Chrome And Mozilla

Most of the Windows user have Google Chrome as the web browser. Because it has easy to use user interface and its fast than many others. Other common browsers include Mozilla, Edge in windows 10, Opera or Mac default browser. Despite the web browser used, the majority of us do open a bunch of tabs in a single browser window. This makes it possible to have different sites open altogether. However, on many occasions, we have seen how sometimes it causes us to close some of them by mistake. Then the question arises “How To Reopen A Closed Tab.” Having many tabs open in the same window, makes the tabs become small & we do not see accurately what site we have open in each one of them. We may not remember the name and address of this site. But we need to open it again.

There is a way to retrieve it from “history” of the browser. But the issue is, History section of the browser only save the sites we surfed for some time. So here’s is the answer to How To Reopen A Closed Tab by the blunder in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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How To Reopen A Closed Tab Chrome 

If you use the Chrome browser for the Internet and at some point of time, you close a tab accidentally, There is a quick way to recover the site closed and reopen the tab immediately. Does not matter if we remember its address or name. In Google Chrome, simply right click on the tab on top of Google Chrome that allows you to open a new tab (just like in image given below) and select the option to reopen a closed tab.

How To Reopen A Closed Tab

There is also a keyboard shortcut for the problem mentioned here How To Reopen A Closed Tab. Just press Ctrl +Shift + T. Repeat it many times as you want, it will keep opening all previously closed tabs.

How To Reopen A Closed Tab Mozilla

reopen last closed tab in mozillaThe procedure for opening recently closed tabs in Mozilla is the same as in Chrome browser. If at any given moment we have so many tabs open that when going to one of them we close it accidentally or we simply close one of the tabs of the browser by error, we can click on the “+” key that allows us to open a new tab in Firefox and choose the option Undo the closing of the last tab.

There is keyboard combination for Reopen closed Tab in Mozilla too. Use Ctrl +Shift + T key combination, and it will open the recently closed tabs in the order of closing.


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