Bios Password: How To Set And Recover BIOS Password In Windows 10

Why BIOS Password is Necessary:

The BIOS (Basic Input & Output) is an essential software (tool) that is an integrated circuit independent of the motherboard and is responsible for starting the devices required for a computer to work normally.
The BIOS is responsible for low-level control of all hardware devices on the computer. Blocking access to the BIOS with a bios password can have several purposes. The first, and most obvious, is to prevent anyone from entering the configuration of the board to change the configuration, for example, the boot order of the devices (avoiding, for example, to install or start another operating system ). Another very useful use is to establish a password so that the operating system does not start until it is entered, thus avoiding unwanted uses.

BIOS Password forgot

But why not windows 10 startup password?

Most people put a password to Windows 10 user account. However, it is not the uncrackable. If someone manages to boot the computer with a Linux CD or a Windows boot medium, they can copy all the data from our disk to an external disk. So windows password is not that safe.

How To Enable Password From BIOS:

1. To access BIOS system in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings and select “Update and Security.”
  • Now choose “Recovery” from the options.
  • Followed by “Restart Now” below Advanced startup.
  • Then click Troubleshoot> Advanced options.
  • click on UEFI Firmware Setting.
  • Restart. It will take you t the BIOS system

2. Password settings:  

Each BIOS is different, so we can not explain the exact steps. However, in most cases, it’s in “security” tab.

We can enable two types of passwords from most BIOS:

A supervisor password (administrator), that blocks access to this basic configuration.
A user password, which must be entered before system startup.

Once set the password, save the changes in the configuration and exit. Restart the computer and see how the password is already activated.

BIOS password set

How To Recover Forgotten BIOS Password:

There are pieces of information that we do not want to fall into anyone’s hands. People choose different ways to protect their data. One of them is putting a password in BIOS. But what if we lose it or forget the BIOS Password? There is a way to recover it.

Steps to Follow to Recover Password of BIOS:

The BIOS password can be removed by two methods.

  • By removing the CMOS battery from motherboard: It’s not easy. Especially Newer laptops. They have their own BIOS Password reset option on their official website.

It asks you for a code. You can generate this code by entering the wrong password in BIOS again and again. After entering the wrong password for few times, It generates the code. Just write the code and you will get your BIOS password.

  • If this method is not effective, then the only option left is to contact manufacturer service center.

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