What Song Is This ? Simple Ways To Find Out YouTube Video Background Music

One of my Friend sent me a Youtube video of a dance act with a Question “What Song Is This? Find it out please”. It had a beautiful song playing in its background.  She wanted me to see the name of the song playing in the backdrop of that Hip Hop Video. That was quite a famous song, but I could not recollect its name. I kept Watching that video for quite some time in the optimism that I may get a clue about artist or song name.

I explored the Internet for an answer and few tricks I get to know sharing it in this article. It is not only about Youtube video; you may find the backdrop music in some random video on your laptop too.

Easy Ways To Find Out Youtube Video Background Music:

1. Search The Lyrics on Google:

This is the most comfortable approach if you can identify at least four to five words of lyrics in the song. Just type those words in google with “What Song Is This” description. Google will identify the words and give you all the information related to the song. But as in my case, It was a hip hop video, so was all about music and beats. I could not hear a word about it.

2. Using App Like Shazam:


If the video you are watching has a famous track in it, you can recognize the background music by music identification services.

Example: Shazam. It can even identify beats and instrumental music.

Install the Shazam App on your android phone and open it. Now play the music you want to name near it (Make sure to stop all other background noises for best result). Shazam will Identify the music quickly. I used the same trick for my “What song is this” Problem and Shazam identified in 5 seconds.

Some cell phones may not support Shazam, so you should use Midomi for windows. It also works likewise.

3. By Using Multimedia Editing Software:

If you are a technically good, u may also use some audio/video editing software. Download the desired video and extract the background music.

4. YouTube Comment Section:

If it is a youtube video, check out the comment section below the video. Someone might have left the clue to the name of the artist or song. Or just drop a message with “What song is this” in the comment section. If you are lucky, somebody might answer it for you.

5. Twitter URL may Help:

This is not a foolproof technique but may help in some cases. Just copy the video id of the desired youtube video and put it in the Twitter search box. Twitter will compile all the tweets (if any) related to that video id and you may find the name of the song in it.

Note: Video ID is not the name of the video or its URL. The circled area in the image below is the Video ID. you can extract it by yourself.



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