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PAN, TAN, TIN And GSTIN Numbers: What’s The Difference

To accumulate & manage tax collection from different incomes, the IT department issues some identification numbers, i.e., PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) of entities such as individuals, firms, and other organizations. A permanent account number is a unique number for someone who pays income taxes or does any business

Brief Idea About GST Composition Scheme

We have discussed GST in our previous article. And we know about rates and how they tax it. Now its is time to consider GST Composition Scheme related to small traders. Small traders have many queries like if someone is selling a Nail or doing any small scale business, how will he survive in the

GST Registration Procedure in India

Any firm doing a taxable supply of goods/services after GST Bill implementation and whose Annual turnover surpasses the limit of INR 10 lakh or 20 Lakh (as applicable) will be obliged to enroll as a regular taxable person. This process is of enrollment is called GST registration. GST Registration is Important. Why????? GST registration is