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Bitlocker Drive: How To Decrypt It In Windows

BitLocker Encryption: BitLocker encrypts the hard drive to safeguard the Operating System from attacks when it is offline. People do encrypt their hard disks on the Windows using BitLocker to guard their data from unauthorized use. The only way to enter an encryption protected hard drive is to enter the correct password as you typed during encryption. There

How to Hide Disk Drive letters in Windows 10

The Windows operating system uses a letter-based terminology to identify a disk drive from another. By default, C is usually the drive letters that represents the drive where Windows is installed. While other letters like D, E, F refer to other disk partitions or USB devices connected to the computer. However, it is possible to give a

Cool Notepad Tricks: Let us Feel Like a Hacker

One of the traditional tools that come pre-included in different versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system is the well-known Notepad, which can be useful for creating quick text documents and notepad tricks along with it. With some simple notepad tricks we can make simple tool an interesting application, fun for our leisure time, beyond

Windows AppData Folder: Which Files Hidden In It

If you are a regular Windows user, then you know how Microsoft operating system keeps some files/folders hidden. They do it with the aim that no inexperienced user could accidentally delete them. This may cause the system to stop working properly. So one of these hidden folders, AppData folder, is to store the configuration of