Trick To Copy Text From JavaScript Protected Web Page

Copying someone else work is a common thing. Though, people give the credit link or mention the source of their text usually. Particularly, in Blogging, bloggers copy each other’s data and build plagiarism. Apart from all blogging tool, most traditional form of copying a page is by picking text followed by the right click of the mouse and copy the required text. Although, in a platform like WordPress, we can block this by using Javascript and “disable right click” plugin. Right click gives a bad user encounter, and you can challenge such copyright violation using Google DMCA.


The example is me. For my content, I take ideas from various websites. I even copy some of their data and modify it accordingly. But nowadays, many sites have started using Javascript to disable right click functions. Surely it has happened to you too. Whenever you need the text of a web page, suddenly you find that it’s not possible because of a script. Well, that’s no difficulty because there are numerous ways to discard this security & bring the text you see on the screen anywhere, wherever you want. I will describe how to do it simply. In this article, I will try to arrange few tricks to solve this issue.

Note:  ***I am using google chrome. So most of these tricks will be related to it only***

1. Copying Text Using the Print Command:

The first and comfortable way is to use the print settings on the web page from which you want to copy text. You can do it with the shortcut Ctrl + P. It will take you to the print preview setting. Now all you require to do is copy the wanted text.

2. Disable Javascript Using Reading View In Chrome:

There are choices for other web browsers, but it’s a default mode in Safari. The reading mode, in Google Chrome, you can use it with extensions like “Mercury Reader.” On a web page, clicking on Mercury reader will activate the reading mode instantly. It formats the website, removes ads, annoying pop-ups, etc. and enables to copy the text bypassing the Javascript restrictions.

Mercury reader chrome extension

3. Disable JavaScript In Chrome Setting:

  • Go to chrome > settings >Advanced> Content Settings > Javascript)
  • Likewise, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, remove the tick from “Enable JavaScript” tab in the settings menu.
    Followed by selecting “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.”
    After disabling this, right click on the page and print and copy the text.
1. Content setting Javascript

Javascript allowed disable
2. Javascript allowed page
Disable Javascript
3. Disable Javascript

4. By Blocking JavaScript Using Extensions:

If you want a robust everlasting solution, you can have browser extensions that disable any scripts a website uses, such as ScriptSafe for Google Chrome. Extension turns off the security of script that blocks you. But be aware!! Only advanced users should try this. Many sites depend profoundly on these JavaScripts,  blocking them can result in pages to misbehave.

5. Use of Proxy Websites:

There are several proxy sites, which allow you to cripple JavaScript in browsing. You just require to use those proxy sites, which extend such traits and you can promptly use right-click on these sites. Type in the name of web page you want to unlock, and enjoy the hassle free copy past ;))

Proxy website for disabling Javascript


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