Unlock PDF File : Tricks To Remove Password From PDF File

PDF is the Portable Document Format used by almost all of us to send the documents through E-mail. It is the product of Adobe. We can add text, images, sounds, links etc. in the same file and send it securely on the web. We can add a password to PDF File for security. You must have received your monthly bank statement in a password protected files from the bank. Every time you need to open password protected PDF file, you have to enter the password. If it is annoying, let us see how to Unlock PDF file which is encrypted.

Unlock PDF

Tricks To Unlock PDF Files

Password protected PDF files is the best way to protect data from unauthorized use. But some times it becomes a headache to put password every time we open the file. In this article, I will tell you few tricks to Unlock PDF files. These tricks are for legal use. I believe you know the password and remove it just to save time.

Google Chrome to Unlock PDF:

Also, there are many third party tools which help in Unlocking PDF files. But we can Unlock PDF without using those third-party applications. Google Chrome has inbuilt PDF reader & writer in it. Let us see how to do this using Google Chrome step by step:

  • Right click on the encrypted PDF file and choose “open with” dialog and then google chrome. You can simply drag the file to google chrome window.
  • Chrome will ask you to enter the password of the file. Just enter Ctrl+P (Print command). Change the destination of the file and save it as “PDF File”

Save PDF Option

  • Now the file is without any password. Next time you open it, it will not ask for a password.
  • This trick will work on every operating system having google chrome on it.

You can do it on other browsers like Microsoft Edge of Windows 10 too.

Microsoft Edge to Unlock PDF

  • Open any password protected PDF in Edge browser by simply dragging it to the browser.
  • choose the “Microsoft print to PDF” command and click print given on right top corner.

unlock pdf

Print to pdf

  • It will ask you to save the file with the desired extension.
  • This trick is also applicable to any pdf viewer in Windows 10. You just need to select the printer as default to Microsoft print to pdf printer.”

Windows Utility to Unlock PDF:

BeCyPDFMetaEdit is the windows tool to remove password from the PDF file. If you do not use Chrome, this is the best way to unlock PDF.

  • Launch the application
  • switch the mode to “Complete Rewrite” before starting the PDF file.
  • Open the PDF file with the application, go to the Security tab & set “Security System” to “No-encryption.”
  • Save the file.
  • Congrats!! You no longer required to enter a password in this file.

Adobe Acrobat Pro to Unlock PDF:

This is the official method to remove the password from the PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Pro is a paid application (do not confuse it with acrobat reader). Its free trial is available for one week and it can even decrypt PDF file which has a disabled Print option.

  • Start the application and open the PDF file in it.
  • Enter the password to view the content.
  • Now, click the “lock icon” at the left of the panel and tap on “Permission Details”.
  • Go to “security method” box and choose “no security”.
  • Save the file having no password anymore.

If you want to save time by removing password from your pdf files but still worried about your data security, save your files on google drive. It’s safe and good security. Good Luck.

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