Video Cutter : Easily Remove Unwanted Parts Of Any Video Or Movie

Video Cutter is a tool to trim or remove a particular segment of the video that you do not want to keep in the file. Suppose, You are watching a movie or video on your laptop. There is a particularly violent or obscene part of the video that you did not like. You want to keep that video in your collection but not with that clip. Or you want minors/kids to watch that particular show without those 2-3 minutes of the unwanted portion.

Well, here is the solution. There is a plenty of Video cutter or editing software on the internet to help you. I have tried most of them. Some of them are useless, have long, irritating Interface that a regular user can not use them. Others work only when you pay to buy them.

Right now, I am using a fantastic video editor Easiestsoft, the video maker. Although it is also a paid version, I will provide an Activation Key if you need it (just comment below the post or message me on Facebook page). It has an easy interface, which is quite fast. I find it better, easy and handy than most of the others.

So now let’s see the steps to use This Video Cutter:

Step1: Open the EasiestSoft Movie maker and go to first option”Cutter”. Choose the “Advanced video cutter”.

Video cutter


Step 2: Then Go to “Add File” tab to start the video editing process.

EasiestSoft Add Files

Step 3: There are two cutting modes available; “Keep selected part” and “Remove selected part”.

If you want to extract a particular segment from a whole movie (Like a song or certain dialogue), choose the first option. Or if you want to remove a particular portion, choose 2nd.

Video cutter cutting modes selection

Step 4: Finally once you add the desired video, there are two cursors (pointed 1 and 2 in the image below) indicating the start and end time. Pull the first cursor to the point from where you want to start trimming. Now bring the End point cursor to the time where you want to stop.

You can even change the format of the output file in “output format” menu. Change the location where you want to save your file. Then Click start.

Video cutter start and end time selection

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