How To Visit Indian Parliament : Rules And Procedure To Follow

Sansad Bhawan is the Indian Parliament situated in New Delhi. Originally it was known as House of Parliaments, built by Britishers in 1921. The building of Parliament Of India is circular which is based on the shape of Ashoka Chakra.

Indian Parliament

Democracy is all about “we the people.” As a citizen of India, we can visit Parliament Of India which is the “temple of democracy,” anytime we want. There are a formal guideline and procedure for the same.

To visit Indian Parliament, You need a visitor pass allotted by the competent authority of Parliament. 

Entry into Any of the running/off time house of parliament requires official permission. Visitors can go to public galleries of Indian Parliament once they get the official approval. To get an official pass, one should apply to Secretariat of the Parliament. You need a recommendation letter from any of the member of Parliament or someone working at the administrative post in Indian Parliament.

  • To find the location & contact details of your local Member of Parliament, Go to this link.
  • If you need some help regarding the procedure, you may contact Secretariat of any of the Parliament house.
  • Find some news team; they may also guide you.
  • Once you get a recommendation from your MP, They will confirm your credentials through the local police station and after that, they will issue a pass.
  • Usually, the validity of this pass is one hour, and after that, you have to leave the gallery.
  • If any of the house adjourns, you will have to exit the house. So I recommend going during question hour, which seldom adjourns.
  • You should not have any electronic gadget, mobile phone, pen or not even paper.
  • You will be under strict supervision of guards throughout the time, and even a small unconscious mistake may get you out.
  • Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha have the different color of passes. Lok Sabha’s pass is green in color, and Rajya Sabha’s Pass is maroon in color.

After getting the pass and reaching the house you want to enter, six phases of in-depth security check occurs. Only after that, they let you enter the house.

Can we attend the Indian Parliament as a viewer during its session?

Yes, surely.
The Indian citizen can see the proceedings of the Indian Parliament or any legislative assembly of a state.
Though, confidential meeting of the houses of parliament is not open to the public. Except that, you can attend any of them.

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