Windows AppData Folder: Which Files Hidden In It

If you are a regular Windows user, then you know how Microsoft operating system keeps some files/folders hidden. They do it with the aim that no inexperienced user could accidentally delete them. This may cause the system to stop working properly.
So one of these hidden folders, AppData folder, is to store the configuration of the applications installed on the system and keeps it buried so that none can access it.

Hidden folder of AppData folder

The default path of this folder inside the C: drive is:

However, if we look for this location, it will not be there as it is obscure. To see it, go to “View” tab in windows 10 and check “Hidden files” option.

unhide folder

What is this AppData folder that Windows hide????

If you open this folder, it contains three folders, Local, LocalLow and Roaming. These three folders contain all information about the configuration of the applications installed on the computer. Each Windows user account has its own AppData folder so that the system can configure the application settings individually.

appdata folder







The Local folder saves information associated with a single computer. So it will not be possible to sync tasks with other computers. We can find large files in this folder that contain the applications cache and the developer’s configurations.
LocalLow is similar to Local but is more focused on apps that run with certain security measures, that is, applications running in protected mode will only have access to this folder.The Roaming folder stores the settings of certain applications, such as browsers and hence it stores the information like bookmarks, browsing history, etc. This folder allows all configurations as it is when we change computers if we use the same user account when the Windows computer belongs to a domain especially with portable profiles.

At last, you should keep in mind that the best thing for protection is to have this AppData folder hidden to avoid deleting files or folders inside. If you want to back a particular application up, do it from this Folder.

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