Windows Vs MAC Systems: Why Windows Is Better

There is always a dispute about which is better from Windows vs MAC. Both of them are excellent in their own styles and can outdo each other in many ways, but deep down even  Mac’s die-hard fans know that Window based systems are the overall better selection.

Windows vs Mac comparison with pamphlet

Let us discuss few points about Windows greatness in Windows vs MAC fight.

1. The price of Both Systems:

Typically, MAC systems with the same characteristics as Windows systems are quite expensive. For a regular user, this is a point in favor of the purchase of a Windows PC, taking into account that the use it is going to give is not going to be intense. If we consider the current uncertain economic circumstances, Windows becomes the low-cost option if we want to have a computer and our budget is hand tight. Some MacBook fan may say “it is expensive because it ensures more value” but I guess some dim-witted will choose Mac when they can get Better function Windows PC for the same price.

2. Open operating system:

Windows users have the choice of assembling a system with parts they can select by themselves.They can choose from a broad spectrum of brands, parts, & qualities according to their needs. Just buy the Windows operating system and get the hardware and drivers to make it work. If we talk about the laptops, we have at our disposal 100s of brands from which we can choose.

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3. Adaptability with more programs:

Software development organizations are much more oriented to Windows than to OS X. Windows is the most popular and most used operating system when we compare Windows vs MAC. In companies, whose administration programs are almost all MS-DOS based, making the operating system of windows an option that offers more choices in this regard than OS X. At the non-professional level, there is a broad range of applications to choose from, which is somewhat in favor of Redmond.

4. Better For Gamers:

Computer game addicts have a Windows operating system fit for playing. Although OS X is developing in this aspect, it is still at least century away from Windows in this aspect. Gaming has a history with Windows. Several people buy expensive systems just for gaming purposes. Windows system as the same cost as Mac can efficiently run all possible games in the store. Also when we compare game store of Windows vs MAC systems, MAC was too costly when they were first launched, so game developers have shown no interest in making games for such an expensive system.

5. Windows offer extra benefits:

There are countless computer creators, and customers have many choices. Although, Microsoft has begun to develop its own hardware, So companies like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer or Lenovo design most of their systems with aligned Windows. There are also many other gadgets (tablets, smartphones, etc.) compatible with this windows operating system. Whereas Apple moves its exclusivity also to its operating ways and services. It manufactures both hardware (Mac) & software (macOS) so that you can not use one without the other. Also, Mac OSX only works on computers.

windows vs mac
Windows vs Mac

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