YouTube Monetization Tutorial: How to monetize your YouTube Channel

People who spend most of the time on the internet, use their 70% of the time watching YouTube videos. What If someone tells you that same YouTube can help you make money. Many of us are aware of how to upload a video on YouTube. So what if I tell you that same videos can earn money for you? It will be amazing. Right? YouTube Monetization is the process of making money online from google for uploading videos to YouTube. The only condition YouTube require is that video should be original and not the copy paste from somewhere else.

Youtube earning dhinchak pooja

Things to Remember Before Enabling YouTube Monetization:

Before monetizing YouTube channel, there are few things to consider. Before applying for approval to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, one must make sure that:

  • To have an active YouTube channel, where at least 10-12 videos are uploaded already.
  • Have few subscribers to the channel (You may ask your friends on Facebook to subscribe your Youtube Channel.)
  • Make sure to share your videos on social media sites to gain initial views.
  • Once all of the above steps followed, monetize your channel.

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How To Enable Monetization In Your YouTube Channel:

Step 1: Click on the “Creator studio” on top right corner of your YouTube Channel.

YouTube Monetization

Track 2: Tap on “channel” followed by “Status and Feature” Tab.

YouTube Monetization

Step 3: Now you can see the “Monetization” Tab. Just enable it. It should indicate by green light. If not, then this service might not be available for your country. Or If your account is not eligible yet, you will get the related error.

YouTube Monetization Tab

Keep uploading good videos and you will start getting the benefit of YouTube Monetization. Just sit relax and enjoy the flow of money from Youtube to your personal account.

Join YouTube Partner Program:

To earn money from YouTube channel, we can participate in so-called YouTube Partner Program. It is available in more than 80 countries in the world.
Through the program, YouTubers can earn in many ways, including Google AdSense, paid-subscriptions, and merchandise selling.
The most important of all is Google AdSense. These are ads on the video page and within YouTube Video.
YouTube asked to comply these conditions to participate in the program:

  • Account should be in working condition.
  • The videos that we upload are original and should be interesting for viewers.
  • Videos must comply with the YouTube Terms of Service and Guidelines. These guidelines prohibit nudity, sexual and abusive content, hatred & graphic violence or encouragement of threatening activities.
  • Any kind of copyright content including music videos, songs, tunes etc. should not be used inside the video.

Create a Google AdSense Account:

The next step is to apply for Google AdSense, a service belongs to Google, but independent to YouTube. Most of the bloggers and website owners earn from Adsense advertisements.
Create an account using your email, and comply with all the requirements google ask for. After that, wait a few days for them to review the account and accept the request.

How To Withdraw Money From YouTube:

As per “YouTube Monetization” Policy, It uploads your earned money once in a month. But you can withdraw only after 100 dollars in your account. If you could not make100 dollars in the first month, it will be carried forward for the next month. Just make sure to add your bank account details where you want to get your money. If you maintain your channel properly, you can earn a lot of money for sure.

One more thing, Once you start YouTube Monetization, make sure to upload content regularly. Because if you discontinue, your fame will fade away and your previous videos will lose their recognition too.


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