YouTube Subtitles: How To Add Subtitles To YouTube Video

On YouTube, we can find millions of videos. Some of them include subtitles in different languages, while others do not. Therefore, this post will tell you, how to add YouTube subtitles to your online videos. Also some aspects of its features and configuration. Since it’s not something that allows to natively make the Google streaming video platform, we are going to have to try third-party applications.

There are few extensions in chrome that allow to add subtitles to YouTube video. You can even add subtitle externally by dropping in .srt file. There is also the option of adjusting certain parameters with respect to the text of the subtitles.

Chrome Extension to Add YouTube Subtitles :

Subtitles For YouTube is one of the extensions which I am using and is available completely free in the Chrome Web Store. Once you have this extension installed in your browser, it is possible to add a .SRT file to a YouTube video. This allows to add external subtitles to YouTube video, and also change the features of the subtitles you add to the videos.

It is possible to change the delay speed of the subtitles, change the text size, load an SRT subtitle file from the PC or search subtitles for a certain video from its own interface.

There is also another extension with the same name Subtitles For YouTube.  it also lets YouTube Subtitles adding in a video. It works in a similar way to the mentioned above. It supports playing any .srt subtitle file in the YouTube video. This extension permits you to add subtitles simply by dragging & dropping the .srt file over the YouTube interface, it enables to display subtitles in full-screen mode.

Link to Download

How to Use the Extension:

Once you have installed the extension, reload any youtube video. There is a tab naming “subtitle” right side under the video. Just click on it. If subtitles do not appear, go to search tab under “subtitle” and name the file you want subtitle for. Done 🙂

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